Rockloyd Mattresses
LLOYDROX wired mats are flexible Rockwool mats with wire mesh stitched one or both side as per aplication.

LLOYDROX Rockwool wired mats are highly recommended for thermal insulation, acoustic insulation & fire safe insulation, widely used for insulation of high temperature ducts, process pipe work, tanks, vessels & boilers.
Rockloyd Slabs
LLOYDROX Slabs are precisely engineered bond fibrous insulation that offers maximum resistance to heat. These are used for thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and fire protection areas.

LLOYDROX Slabs are used for insulation of acoustic ceiling panels to external wall, roof, boilers, tank vessels, buildings, ships and in all types of industries.

LLOYDROX Slabs are aesthetically engineered for a wide range of applications at both high & low service temperature and are preferred to use both flat and slightly cured surfaces.
Rockloyd Pipe Sections
LLOYDROX Rockwool pre-formed pipe sections are strong, non-combustible, pre-formed insulation units for steam & process pipe works operating at temperature up to 750C.

LLOYDROX Rockwool pre formed pipe section is manufactured from long non-combustible rock fibers with a high performance binder. It is easy to cut, fit, handle and has high levels of thermal efficiency and strength. Each section is split and hinged for easy, snap-on applications
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